Ninja Web Studios LLC

General Terms of Use

Ninja Web Studios LLC is a web site design firm. All the content you’ll find on Ninja Web Studios LLC is owned by the firm – This includes logos, graphics (site design) and images.

Once an order is placed or a project agreed upon with Ninja Web Studios LLC, you concur that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below.

  • Any work done by Ninja Web Studios LLC for any client – which includes the scripts, coding or software, unless mutually agreed, will be copyright of Ninja Web Studios LLC and should not be commercially reproduced or resold without the knowledge and permission of Ninja Web Studios LLC.
  • Ninja Web Studios LLC cannot be held liable for copyright violations caused by materials and content submitted by the client.
  • Ninja Web Studios LLC will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines.
  • Ninja Web Studios LLC will not be liable for non execution of project.
  • Ninja Web Studios LLC will not refund the monies paid on project start.

Payment Terms

Full payment for services totaling $200.00 or less is required prior to starting the project. Services over $200.00 require a deposit to be determined based upon the scope of the project but no less than 25% of the estimated cost. Full payment of the remaining amount due, and additional billable services as agreed upon, is required for the transfer of copyright and release of final content created to the hiring party. Project Quotations and/or Proposals are to be used as an estimate for the project(s) discussed and in no way constitute a warranty of final price, and are subject to change. Deposits are not returnable once work has begun.

Web Hosting, Domain Names, SSL Certificates, server software, and other non-design/development work require Full Payment upfront. These services are not refundable because they are subscription based. Ninja Web Studios LLC will strive to meet your satisfaction and will work with you to resolve any problems with your services.

Design and Development Services

The job quotation submitted will provide a time line for final job completion. The timeline quoted serves as an estimation we will work hard to fulfill and is not a guaranteed date of job completion.

If applicable, three (3) initial design/layout proofs will be submitted for client approval unless otherwise specified and agreed upon. Initial design work includes preliminary site navigation, layout, theme, images, graphics and logo placement. Proofs will be accessible using an Internet browser and/or a screenshot will be provided by email. Proofs are to be approved or not approved within seven (7) business days of proof submission. It is at our discretion to decide how to proceed if we are not notified of acceptance or non-acceptance within seven (7) business days.

It is at our discretion on how to proceed when owner provided content (text, pictures, logos, etc.) has not been provided. Delays caused by the absence of any owner provided content will increase the estimated delivery and completion time of the project. There will be no compensation for delays caused by the absence of owner provided content. The balance due will be required if the delay in content exceeds three (3) weeks.

Approval/acceptance of the completed work must be accepted or not accepted within seven (7) working days. Unless otherwise agreed upon, a storage fee of $25.00 will be billed every seven (7) days unless we are notified. Completed content will be released and/or transferred to the client when final payment of balance due is paid in full. After payment is made in full, Ninja Web Studios LLC will deliver the site content to the owner via www transfer methods within five (5) business days. Website development projects receive a 30-day site satisfaction maintenance guarantee which allows the website owner thirty-days to request changes and corrections to the final project without any charges. The 30-day site satisfaction period begins when the project has been paid in full and the project is “live” on the Internet.

Please note: Site-satisfaction maintenance is defined as “last minute” changes or revisions to the completed and approved web site pages ordered and paid in full. Modifications eligible during this period must be less than 50% of the original content and cannot include any changes to site design layout, navigation, images, custom graphics, animations or logos unless otherwise agreed upon. Regular site maintenance charges apply that do not qualify as “last minute” changes described above.

Web Hosting Services

Our general policy is to act as a neutral web space provider to the global Internet. Ninja Web Studios LLC has specific ethical concerns regarding the use of its service as detailed below. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s account should we deem that the account has been inappropriately used. We reserve the right to cancel service at any time without notice for any reason that we deem appropriate. We reserve the right to revise our policies and services at any time.

Unsolicited commercial advertisements are not allowed in e-mail, and will result in account cancellation. Sending a message, especially advertisements, to several recipients (or other electronic means via our web servers), is prohibited unless the recipients have specifically requested to be added to a mailing list. Upon your first spam offense your account will be terminated without issuing a refund. Sites that provide or sell email address lists, offer software or services to acquire e-mail addresses or collect email addresses by means other than legitimate opt-in methods will be terminated without refund.

Copyrighted information is not allowed unless you personally own the copyright to the text, images, music, movie, game or software. Those of which are noted to be freely distributable freeware, shareware, open source, and GNU, GPL are permitted. Accounts found to be storing copyright or illegal files will be terminated and no refund issued.

Security is the responsibility of the account holder. You are responsible for any and all content running under your account, as well as all files stored within it. Running insecure or unauthorized scripts will result in that script being disabled or deleted, and may result in account suspension or termination. Security of your account and visitor requested information is your responsibility.

Backing up site contents is the responsibility of the account holder. Unplanned equipment and software failures can occur and are beyond our control. Although the server your account is hosted on makes regular backups, we can not guarantee that a back up of your site will always be available. Restoration fees may apply if a backup is needed due to the account holder’s negligence.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We do not allow adult oriented websites. We reserve the right to terminate any adult site that is found on our servers without issuing a refund. Customers may only use our server space for lawful purposes. Transmission of any material in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, acts of terror, material protected by trade secrets, child pornography and satanic materials. The designation of any materials as such described above is left entirely to the discretion of Ninja Web Studios LLC.

Ninja Web Studios LLC is not responsible for any damages your business may suffer for any reason, including negligence on our supplier’s part. This includes any type of loss, i.e. loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions. Ninja Web Studios LLC makes no warranties, guarantees, or claims of compatibility of any kind, expressed or implied about our services.

Customers can cancel web hosting service any time. If you are not satisfied with our service within the first 21 days of opening an account, you will be given a full refund of all money paid with the exception of domain name registration and extra services ordered such as extra disk space and extra bandwidth use. Cancellations after 21 days are eligible for a pro-rated refund. Customers engaged in a design and hosting combo package are not eligible for full refunds.

Payment Options<

Ninja Web Studios LLC accepts Cash, Money Orders, Checks, and PayPal payments.

Third Party Content

We have partners and other suppliers who provide us with their content. You can use it, but again, only for personal use and with no changes, unless you get permission directly from that partner. Ninja Web Studios LLC also can’t take any responsibility for the verifiability or truthfulness of any claims, warranties or fitness for any particular purpose, whether stated outright or implied.

Links to Third Party Sites

Ninja Web Studios LLC does not endorse any links that lands up on its pages.

Proprietary Rights

Any trademarks, copyrights or logos you see on the site are the property of Ninja Web Studios LLC.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and we ask our Ninja Web Studios LLC users to do the same. If you are a copyright holder and believe that your work has been borrowed/stolen, altered, illegally copied or misused in any other way, please let us know.

Limitation of Liability

Only you will be liable for any illegal activity while you are utilizing the resources of Ninja Web Studios LLC.

Final Statements

Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Ninja Web Studios LLC, its owners or representatives harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including attorney fees asserted against Ninja Web Studios LLC, its owner or representatives, and its affiliates that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed by customer, or any product sold by our customer, its agents, employees or assigns. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Ninja Web Studios LLC, its owner or representatives, including on-line Internet websites owned and operated, and its affiliates against liabilities arising out of; (1) any injury to person or property caused by any products sold or otherwise distributed in connection with provided web server space or design services; (2) any material supplied by customer infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party; (3) copyright infringement and (4) any defective products sold to customer from our server space or website design services.

Customer also confirms that he/she has the authority to agree to the terms and conditions of the work for hire agreement and has the funds available to pay in full for the website design project as quoted and can meet the scheduled payment arrangements according to the terms and conditions above.